BankHouse Originals January 2016

BankHouse Originals January 2016



from current exhibition ‘Happy Saplings’ by Wendy McGain


BankHouse Originals would like to wish you a Happy, healthy and successful 2016, l trust you all managed some down time over the Summer break; l spent my time reflecting on the past year and exploring what more l can offer my visitors in 2016. Also working on website; achieving a fresh new look with more current information for you and skill upgrades for me. BankHouse Originals will have an online shop. Gradually building two categories; Makers & Vintage , l will keep you posted on my progress as to when the online service is available. The current exhibition artworks on the website are priced but you will need to contact me if interested. If you haven’t had the chance to view the Summer exhibition; you will not be disappointed. This semi- abstract expressionism work by Wendy McGain above; draws you into the depths of an enlightened landscape.Wendy is a professional artist of 35 years and currently the president of the Kyogle & District Arts Council.

The BankHouse has now been open for 18 months and my love of unique quality vintage treasures will never cease; they all have a story to tell and will always, continue to delight and amaze our visitors.  But, l always listen to visitors comments; leading the BankHouse to focus this year on even more quality, Australian designed & made, handmade gift lines. The first of many new additions will be ‘Empire of Bees’ Handmade soft leather purses & wallets. Expected to arrive early February. l shall keep you posted.

BankHouse Originals will also be hosting a special day with Granni Fi’s toy cupboard and Christmas Press heirloom children’s books from Armadale, for grandparents/parents and children during the next school holidays. You will need to book in for this event due to limited space and catering. l will let you know more once dates are confirmed.


l am feeling very excited about 2016; a vision becoming reality.

Keeping BankHouse footprint smaller by supporting Australian Artists, Designers and Makers across Australia.

by Susan Richardson








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