Banking on ‘a touch of whimsy’

Banking on ‘a touch of whimsy’


A reminder to come and help us celebrate our 2nd Birthday on Sunday 10th July @ 1pm (open all day)

BankHouse Gallery will present a group exhibition ‘a touch of whimsy’ featuring Angela Bettess.

Angela Bettess, Susie Marcroft and Mic Eales will all be here to answer any questions you have regarding their creative visual passions.

So bring a friend, have a drink and a nibble and help us celebrate our Birthday with the unusual, unexpected or the fanciful side of life.

Pictured above are just two of the works on exhibit by Mic Eales. Mic fires our imagination with these whimsical pit fired clay pots whilst encouraging thought and our sense of play.

It has been a wonderful 2 years of development, meeting generous, kind and fascinating people whether searching for inspiration, beauty, curios, functional or otherwise; l am left with a great feeling of fulfillment through supporting our local artists, artisans & makers, gathering and collecting the many treasures with stories to tell of the past.

We are all so busy; with life being so demanding we all deserve a ‘touch of whimsy’.

As Henri Matisse said; ‘there’s always flowers for those who want to see them’

Angela is an angel with an ‘a’ Angela Bettess is a local artist in the Northern Rivers area of NSW. Colour and texture feature in her art works, stemming from her childhood love of fabrics, wools and embroidery cottons. The colours and lustre of oil paints, use of silk threads and application of coloured papers are all important to allow expression of ideas through her art works. Her main genres are mixed media and oil painting. She has a tendency to develop a sense of narrative within her art works and is looking to extend that story-telling style to a children’s book in the future.

We will also be introducing Susie Marcroft to the BankHouse gallery; Susies practice investigates the affective, transformational possibilities of an art object. An embodied process and a shared perceptual language with non-human ‘others’ gives rise to her figurative, metaphoric ‘merges’ that blur the perceived boundaries between human and non-human, flesh and clay. They simultaneously attract and repel, evoking an ‘empathetic unease’ around the complexities and contradictions that perplex human-animal relationships.

Susie is from Mudwood Studio, Summerland Way, Kyogle, opened on July 1st; sharing the love of community and handmade.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me on 66645262 or 04120830

BankHouse Originals is at 64 Sandilands Street Mallanganee 2469 NSW

Opening hours are Thursday to Monday 9.30am to 5pm Closed on Tuesday,Wednesday

by Susan Richardson

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