‘waste not want not’

‘waste not want not’

Creatives wanted for re-purposed vintage exhibition

BankHouse Originals is in search of makers, creatives, artists who love to re-purpose/redesign vintage old stuff into a either a functional object or a wondrous piece of art, the scope is only limited by your imagination. ‘waste not want not’ will open on Sunday 23rd July 2017 so there is time to put on your thinking cap and start creating.

We are heading for BankHouse’s 3rd Birthday and want to include everyone in this amazing exhibition to share their love of vintage, skills and imagination. If you know of anyone or you yourself have a talent for re-purposing please give me a call. The plan is to have this exhibition as a test run for a larger plan of creating a ‘waste not want not’ Vintage Festival each year at Mallanganee. Their is so much waste in this world and l continually see the most beautiful treasures discarded, soon leaving us all with only manmade materials full of toxic treatments. My passions come from my family who always found a purpose for everything, restored/resurrected or simply designed and created the new. Every item in our home had a story which made us appreciate all the more our surroundings.

In the meantime BankHouse Originals has extended the current exhibition ‘Figurative Blooms’ for another 3 weeks to give everyone a chance to experience these superb works as the weather this year has dominated everyone’s time and emotion.

If there is anything l can help you with please don’t hesitate to ask.

Contact 02 66645262 or 0412083056

Kindest regards

by Susan Richardson


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