‘waste not want not’ re-purposed vintage exhibition

‘waste not want not’ re-purposed vintage exhibition

‘Waste Not Want Not’ re-purposed vintage exhibition

WOW! Another year flying by; time for another BankHouse Original’s Birthday and winter exhibition. The Bank coffers are full of new vintage furniture, collectables and artworks are starting to arrive for the inaugural ‘Waste Not Want Not’ exhibition.

Waste not Want Not will officially open on Sunday 23rd July at 1pm and will remain until 20th October or until sold out, but of course we are open all weekend.

Re-purposed vintage is the focus, creating artworks and functional pieces by recycling, re-purposing and reinventing found materials. In a world obsessed with consumerism we are creating excessive amounts of landfill with largely man made toxic products, we spend hard earnt money on items with a very short life span and very little emotional or aesthetic value; expect to see works to stimulate your mind and delight your senses.

BankHouse Original’s vision is to make this an inaugural exhibition, occurring the same time each year, giving creatives time to source and design their entry with the best of vintage materials so to produce the most unique and precious of works worthy of the best of collections.

Expressions of interest for this annual event will be taken on an ongoing basis as it is now and always will be an enduring philosophy of BankHouse Originals.

If there is anything l can help you with please don’t hesitate to ask.

Contact 02 66645262 or 0412083056

Above image is by Regina Dudek one of our featuring artists

Kindest regards

by Susan Richardson


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