Welcome to Spring!

Welcome to Spring!

Welcome to Spring!

Firstly l want to thank all those who contributed and supported the ‘Waste Not Want Not’ exhibition. A successful community event displaying an eclectic mix of industrial art, furniture restoration, steampunk and much more, inspiring and boggling the imagination, with some creatives choosing to continue exhibiting their work at the BankHouse. If you love to create with found objects & materials think about next year as we want this to be an inaugural exhibition.

Spring is here; a time for gathering treasures and nesting, collecting antiques, vintage treasures and unique gifts for the season of giving. l  have spent the week in a juggling act arranging room for the latest collection of furniture and curiosities, one of which is an original heirloom rocking horse, now living in the gallery. Parcels are starting to arrive to top up existing gifts, we will also be introducing new handmade gift ranges to the BankHouse. I often get asked by locals for items suitable for posting as we are in a rural community with friends and family living far and wide, so expect something light & refreshing next visit.

Also very excited to announce the date for the next exhibition opening, Sunday 5th November being a group exhibition ‘High Tea’ featuring local artist Christine Spedding, always a fun day especially with the festive season upon us.



Warmest regards

by Susan Richardson


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