BankHouse Gallery

BankHouse Gallery showcases a collection of art in a wide array of mediums from artists across our region; from the coast of Byron Bay to the New England Tablelands. Due to our demographic we keep our opening events to three a year; every four months the gallery is emptied and refreshed with a new collection of works giving us an opportunity to introduce new talent.

In 2016, as a part of our current exhibition we will be featuring an artist; providing an opportunity for you the viewer to develop a fuller understanding and appreciation of their creative process.  If you would like to learn more of our regular exhibiting artists please browse the artists page. Many of which are open to commission work.

BankHouse Gallery opening events provide a festive though relaxed atmosphere for artists & art lovers to meet each other and discuss their work.  Usually held on a Sunday afternoon with food and refreshment supplied.

If you are interested in artwork showing in our Gallery Page or you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Susan on  0412083056

This Month’s Featured Artist…Christine Spedding


Artist’s Statement

My current body of work is realistic yet whimsical and revolves around the concept of the great Aussie tradition of the ‘Cuppa’.

A painting collage of teapots from some of Australia’s heritage, teamed with either events of the era or items that could have been involved in the setting of having a cuppa.

I remember as a child the many discussions revolving around the Vietnam war, the earthen wear 1970’s teapot distinctly prominent on the table while conscription was heatedly and constantly discussed. The toy soldiers that we innocently played with while the grownups debated the wrongness of sending innocent young men to learn Warcraft.

Generations before, the ‘Dear John’ letter re-read over a silent cup, reminiscing over what could have been. Or the Country Women’s Association, Lions Club or Legacy with the large metal urn that was constantly on the boil while cakes and tea were sold as fundraisers.

The 40’s highly toxic lead glazes on teapots along with lead diecast toys.

Games were played, while grown-ups did what grown-ups do. A forever changing philosopher’s table, a progressive weekly tea, between families, neighbours, church goers, and greeting the new comers in the street or town, often with children under feet.

High Tea, an inaugural part of my growing up, silver, ceramic, china tea pots, delicate floral china and gold teacups, baked items, delicate sandwiches, dressing up, games and discussions, a parade of visual and tasty treats and incidental learning.

I have tried to capture this nostalgic feeling within my paintings, concentrating on the era of the tea pot and the subject to pair with it. Colour, form and detail are highly important in my works.