Jacqueline King

Jacqueline’s work is highly personal yet retains an aesthetic that speaks to us all. She emphasises the brilliance and beauty of glass – allowing it to ‘come to life’ with light, colour, texture and form. Working in cold and kiln formed glass and utilising natural elements of stone, shell, salvaged timber & stainless steel her works are truly unique and sought after in many regional galleries plus private and public collections.

Publications featuring her work and/or story include Best of Worldwide Glass Artists Vol 1, Australian Art Collector Magazine, Australian Artists Magazine, and International Contemporary Masters Vol VII. National Rural Health Alliance Partyline #43, ‘Sharing the Un-shareable’ Education Centre Against Violence & NSW Government, Jacaranda Project Manual.

“My work explores the fragility & diversity of life. I explore two distinct & often divergent notions of this fragility & diversity, one being our natural environment & the other mental health.
My work exploring the natural environment has a focus on the biodiversity surrounding my studio-gallery being the region of Mt Warning, a World Heritage area. This has lead to the creation of works exploring unique bird species, and proliferation of monoculture in this region along with less specific, gaia inspired works.
My work exploring mental health stems from my own journey toward recovery through the visual arts with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. My glass practice came about as a form of self therapy having experienced profound psychological injury – resulting in Complex PTSD.
I develop works exploring the creation of beauty from shattered parts, a metaphor for my own re-established self identity healing from CPTSD. It is my hope that with this work I am providing a platform for discussion around PTSD & a feeling of inclusion for those who also suffered injury as a result of extreme trauma from whatever source.
Glass is the most beautiful medium to work in as it has its unique challenges but the presence of light can dazzle and transform a piece in seconds. I believe I have found a lifelong love and I hope my work inspires grace and just a little natural peace.”